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Why get Dust Removed?
Computers crash because of excess internal dust settling on computer parts.
Motherbords blow out when dust & moisture cause electrical arching.
Video Cards go bad or work poorly because of dust in the video card fan.
Computer HARD DRIVES CRASH when they can no longer stay cool do to excessive heating caused by dust collection.
It is so Cost Effective to Clean The Dust Away!
Have a computer professional do it the right way.

Hard Drive Failures

Burned Out Video Cards

Power Supply Failures

Motherboard Crashes
Prevent computer down-time and heavy computer costs.
Twice a Year Computer Dust Removal Ensures a
Better Running Computer Every Day...
How Much Money are you throwing away?
Dirty Fans Slow Performance
Dirty Fan 540_300 2
Dirty Fans can cause extremely slow computer performance. A huge reason why computer run slow.
Average Industry Repair Costs: $150 - $500
CPU Heat Sink Dust
CPU Heat Sink 540_300
Your CPU can be killed by dust gathering on the heat sink which keeps your Central Processing Unit COOL.
Average Industry Repair Costs: $150 -$500
Power Supply Dust is Bad
Power Supply Dust 540_300
A Computer will not run without a power supply. Massive dust collection caused power supply failure.
Average Industry Repair Cost: $105 - $250.
Dead Motherboards are The Worst
Dead Motherboard 540_300
If your motherboard goes dead you can expect a big cost for repairing it since everything has to be dismantled.
Average Industry Repair Costs: $350-700.
Residential & Commercial Computer Dust Removal, Right to Your Door
Ask about our twice a year service plan.

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